These days, Alba is at her home in Valladolid recovering of a back injury she has been suffering from a long time. She left the Training Camp in Madrid soon after Spanish Nationals (where she placed third), knowing that she had no chance to compete in Sydney.  Alba was supposed to come back to the National Team after Olympics but, since there is no Spanish Selector, she -and the others-  are virtually out of the Team until a new coach is hired. 
    Anyway, it is unknown what will happen to Alba's gymnastics career in the next future. She has been out of training for months and the ostracism she has been suffering since 1997 from the Federation and the Selector Ana Bautista (who dismised recently) makes it likely that she may want to retire and start a new, different life. Whether Alba retires or not doesn't matter, she will keep love from fans forever and her gymnastics will hardly be forgotten... But I dream to see her on the carpet again in Vienna 2001. GO ALBA!!!! 
   Since she is facing so many difficulties in order to practise again her loved sport, and she may feel bad and alone I have made a page where fans can leave their support messages for Alba; please drop a line at: 
    I will ensure that she gets all the messages. 

8th May, 2000
Alba competed at Europeans in Zaragoza
    The National Selector decided that Alba would only compete in one event (ball) during the Teams Competition, which gave her no chance to qualify for the All Around Final. But she demonstrated that she deserves more; Alba did her best during the routine, showing all the technique, expression and elegance she treasures. The crowd was deeply impressed by her exquisite interpretation of Secret Garden's music and the unique repertoire of pivots. Definitely, it was one of the best performances in her career, and gave her more motivation to continue in Rhythmic Gymnastics. She scored 9'900, the highest she has ever achieved in a World or European Championships, which contributed for the 4th place the Spanish Team got. She spent the rest of the Championship watching the competition in the row  with Cristina (the Spanish Choreographer), enjoying her parents and brother's company or signing autographs for the fans. Such a shame that we weren't so lucky to watch more than one performance from SUPER ALBA!!!  

20th February, 2000 
Alba got 5 medals in Madeira 
  On February 18-20, Alba attended her first meet of the season. Presenting her new compositions with rope and hoop, she did a great job placing 2nd All Around -only superated by Olena Ossiadovskaia(BLR)- , getting Gold in ball and ribbon and Silver in rope and hoop. Congratulations Alba!!!!!!!!! 

Alba during qualifying round 
4th October, 1999 
Alba competed at Worlds in Osaka 
   She was quite unlucky at the qualifying round. But the most important thing is that she contributed (with Almudena Cid Tostado and Esther Domínguez) for the Spaniard's 2 visas for Sydney Olympics and for the 5th place at Team Finals (performing ball and ribbon). She qualified 26th, but didn't pass to the Final because Almudena and Esther superated her. 
   She spent the Finals days  cheering up on her teammates.  

Alba at Nationals
7th June, 1999 
Alba was third at  
XV Spanish Nationals in Leganés.
   She was very unlucky during the competition because she made small mistakes in rope and ribbon. But she made an excellent performance with the ball, maybe the best of the whole Championship, and deserved the Gold in that event. 
   But she must be happy because she was the most cheered and applaused gymnast during the price-giving ceremony. 
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12th April, 1999
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