Let's start telling you why a fanpage for Alba: I've done it just because I admire her a lot and I think that she is a great gymnast and also a nice girl. Maybe she isn't the best, neither the most successful but I admire her anyway. I love her work, her expressivity, her physical skill, and all her excellent qualities. I hope she will get her great success very soon because she deserves it.
Alba's Autograph- Taken at the Gymnasium Moscardó in 1996
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     Small Alba (161 cm and 38 kg) lives in Madrid in a flat with her team-mates and their guardian (Emilia Boneva's sister) and trains 48 hours per week at the Gymnastics C.A.R. in the Universitary City. She is coached by the National coach for individuals Ana Bautista and the National team's choreographer. 
   She attends to evening lessons because she would like to go to University and become a doctor.  
   One weekend every month she travels to her home in Valladolid to visit her family; this travel and Sundays constitute her only spare time. Then, she likes talking, staying with her family and friends, walking, shopping,  watching TV and listening to music (she likes all, except Flamenco and Copla, especially Modern and Celtic). Her favourite books are children's and the ones about medicine and nature. She likes humour movies, her favourites are "Willow" and "Grease". About food, she likes fruit, ice-creams, peas with ham and paella. Other sports she likes are synchronized swimming and figure skating. She also likes ballet. 
(data from 1996)

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