Sevilla, 6-7-8 December
San Pablo Sports Center

    From 6th to 8th December, the Group Nationals have been held in Sevilla. One thousand gymnasts have competed there in five levels and quality has been very high. Although the Championships couldn't start on time because of the delay of some delegates, due to the storm that covered most of Spain, the competition was a success. The gradin of seats was full of people who cheered up on all the groups and fulled it of flags and placards.
    The final day of competition, the new Spanish group pleased everyone  with an exhibition of the routines of five balls and three ribbons plus two hoops that they will compete with at World Championships in May, at this same Sports Center. The Championships ended with a tribute to Estela Jiménez, Marta Baldó, Estíbaliz Martínez and Maider Esparza, former members of the Olympic Champion group, although Marta and Estíbaliz were not able to be present in the act,  because they had problems with their flight links.
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    The results were:

All Around:
         1st - C. Atlético Montemar (Valencia) -- 37. 300 points.
         2nd- E.G. Tenerife (Canarias) ------------- 35. 900
         3rd- E.G.R. Madrid (Madrid) -------------- 35. 300
         3rd- Atzar (Valencia) ------------------------- 35. 300
        1st - C. Atlético Montemar (Valencia)
        2nd- E.G. Tenerife (Canarias)
        3rd- E.G.R. Zaragoza (Aragón)
  All Around:
         1st - Ipurúa (País Vasco) ---------------------- 33. 400
         2nd- Mabel (Valencia) ------------------------- 33. 350
         3rd- Donosti (País Vasco) --------------------- 33.100
        1st - Donosti (País Vasco)
        2nd- Ipurúa (País Vasco)
        3rd- Alcorcón (Madrid)
        3rd- Mabel (Valencia)
  All Around:
         1st - Anaitasuna (Navarra) ------------------- 31. 800
         2nd- Donosti (País Vasco) -------------------- 31. 500
         3rd- C. Atlético Montemar (Valencia) ----- 31. 400
        1st - Donosti (País Vasco)
        2nd- Anaitasuna (Navarra)
        3rd- E.G.R. Madrid (Madrid)
  All Around:
         1st - P.A.R. Pozuelo (Madrid) ---------------- 30. 050
         2nd- C. Atlético Montemar (Valencia) ----- 29. 800
         3rd- Castilla Parquesol (Castilla y León) -- 28. 900
        1st - P.A.R. Pozuelo (Madrid)
        2nd- C. Atlético Montemar (Valencia)
        3rd- Castilla Parquesol (Castilla y León)          1st - Gritka (Canarias) ------------------------- 29. 700
         1st - E.G. Tenerife (Canarias) ---------------- 29. 700
         1st - Atzar (Valencia) --------------------------- 29. 700

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