Natalia Lipkovskaia
You will NEVER be forgotten 
Natalia during the Aeon Cup 1997, where she took the gold     Natalia Lipkovskaia is a rhythmic gymnast from Russia who has recently retired at the age of 19, because of a back injury. When she announced her retirement, Natalia said that she was afraid of being forgotten; I have made this web page just to demostrate that it will not happen, Natalia will be in Rhythmic Gymnastics fans' hearts forever. She was a sportswoman but also an artist, Natalia was one of those gymnasts that show expressiveness, coordination with the music, elegance, technique and originality in every routine. She is also very beautiful and graceful.
The saddest element of this retirement is that she has gone without getting a major All Around title, something that her talent deserves. She was Natalia at the 1997 Worlds in Berlinsilver medallist at 1997 World Championships and got three World Titles (hoop &  team in 1997 and team in 1995) and an European Title (clubs 1997) as well as many other medals.
She didn't participate at Atlanta Olympics because Russia sent two gymnasts more experienced -but not better- than her: Amina Zaripova and Yana Batyrchina. I was sure that she was going to be the next Olympic Champion in Sydney but this back injury has stopped so early her promising carreer.
I can only say that we will miss you, Natalia.
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Hopefully, Natalia will read it and will realise how many people remember her.
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