Esther Domínguez, Full Gymnast  
From "La Revista de la Gimnasia" Official Magazine of the Spanish Gymnastics Federation- July 1997
    Her case of polivalence is not the first one in the history of Spanish gymnastics, but it is not usual that an individual gymnast of the National Team reinforce the group and that in less than a month she won two medals at an European Champs, and a week later win a National Competition (the Spanish Cup) with the best individuals. It is the case of the gymnast from Aragón, Esther Domínguez, one of the surer hopes of Spanish Rhytmic Gymnastics.
The 1997 Spanish Cup Podium: Caride-Costas - Domínguez - Cid Tostado
Question- Individual or Group?
Answer- Right now my objective are the World Championships in Berlin, only for individuals. There is more than a year for the Group Worlds and there is time enough to take a decission about it.

Q- Anyway, you have won a medal with the group.
A- I'm in the National Team like an Individual, but in a determinated occasion the group needed some help. Some gymnasts from the olympic group had retired and there were injuries like Marta Calamonte's. I only lent a hand, because I only was three weeks in the group. I had some doubts, but finally the effort of all the team rewarded me with a medal at the European Champs; perfect.

Q- This year is going magnificent for you, with medals at Calais and Portimao.
A- I'm doing a great year. In Calais I got five medals, but only a golden one; in Portimao, four golden ones. I can't complain by now, although my objective is in Berlin.

Q- As you won the Spanish Cup in Palencia a month ago, maybe you are now the favourite for the Spanish Championships, in Valladolid.
A- It has nothing to do with it. There is much equality, and it's clear that the gymnasts we are in the National Team, if one does not win the other does. I won in Palencia because of the circunstance that I had a good day and I did not fail; but that does not mean that I must win always or that I am the best. Simply, I won the Spanish Cup and I aspire to make a good performance at the Spanish Camps.

     Doing it well or not at Valladolid, the truth is that the gymnast of the Club E.G.R. Zaragoza is living an euphoria moment because of her international trajectory, foreseed since two years ago when she competed at the European Championships for Juniors in Prage and finished 6th with the hopes of her generation.
    At the European Championships in Asker she went as a reserve, and she would have been it too in Patras if she had not entered because of a pile of circumstances a group wanted for help. The truth is that all her International competitions in 1997 have been successful although she has not taken part at the most important tournaments of the international calendar. But dominating as she did in Calais or Portimao is not within anybody's reach. Third at the Spanish Championships in Santa Cruz de Tenerife last year, now, in Valladolid presents her candidacy for the title in front of Almudena Cid and Alba Caride, who at first are the best Spanish gymnasts, although elite always live in the constant examination between the ones who are there and the ones who want to arrive.

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