What happened with Carolina Pascual? 
From "Gimnasia Independiente"Magazine-January 1996
    Carolina Pascual Gracia quit the competition of Rhythmic Gymnastics after the 1993 World Championships in Alicante, where she got the silver medal in the clubs Final. Before that, her most important success was the silver medal at the 1992 Olympics in Barcelona.

Question.-Who is Carolina Pascual?
Answer.-Carolina Pascual is a normal person that started since she was very young to practice a sport that is rhythmic gymnastics and that thanks to the effort and the work got a olympic medal, that made me more popular. But I'm still the same person, Carolina Pascual.

Q.-Why did you start pratising rhytmic gymnastics?
A.-Because since I was a child I started to do ballet and when I was seven years old the teacher told my mother that I had many qualities for rhythmic gymnastics, so they looked for a gimnasium where I could practise it and I started on this sport.

Q.-How many years hacve you dedicated to this sport?
A.-Ten years.

Q.- Why did you quit?
A.-Because I thought that was the moment to leave it, because I was a bit tired and with 17 years old I thought that it was the moment to quit and dedicate myself studying and staying with my family and friends.

Q.-What is the secret for being a good gymnast?
A.-I think that the secret is to born for that, training very much, being very constant and first of all liking it.

Q.-Which is your best memory?
A.-My best memory is the Olympiad. The competition was very hard, but also very interesting and special and the moment of receiving the medal was something that I will never forget.

Q.-With what teammate have you lived better together?
A.-With Rosabel Espinosa who is my best friend.

Q.-Who was the person who helped you the most to reach the top?
A.-I supose that the most sincere and true person was Emilia Boneva.

Q.-What was for you Emilia Boneva?
A.-A friend and a mother when I was far away from my home, also a great companion and friend who have helped me always. A great person, sincere and kind that gives all for her gymnasts.

Q.-What does a gymnast feel when performes?
A.- Much fear and, at the same time, streghnt and wishes to give all.

Q.-Wich is the worst enemy of a gymnast?
A.-A gymnast has many enemies, but above all are the weight and the injuries.

Q.-What are you doing now?
A.-I estudy, because I'm finishing BUP and on the afternoons I dedicate my time at the Club Escuela Municipal de Orihuela where I coach my competition girls.

Q.-Who has been your idol?
A.-I think that my idol in gymnastics was the died Oksana Kostina, who I looked at and tried to superate myself.

Q.-When you go to a Sports Center and look at the girls doing gymnastics, do you wish to perform again?
A..- Certainly yes, but I know that it finished and now I have other important things to do like coaching my girls.

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