María Isabel Lloret Ivorra  

    María Isabel, "Maisa", Lloret was born in Villajoyosa (Alicante) in 1971. She started in RSG in 1984 when she watched on TV Anelia Ralenkova's clubs routine, then she decided that she wanted to be like her. She was on the club Atlético Montemar with Elena García as her coach. Maisa was selected for the National Team by Emilia Boneva in 1986 and quit in 1988 because of a back injury. Later, she started to train again, preparing Barcelona Olympics but she had to quit definitely because of various meniscus injuries and surgery. 
    Maisa has been one of our best gymnasts, in fact she was the first Spanish gymnast to get a perfect score, it happened in the 1988 Spanish Championships on her clubs routine.
    Now she works in the Spanish Federation of Gymnastics, in the marketing department.

Maisa at the 1988 Spanish Nationals, where se took a 10 in clubs


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 Emilia Boneva's opinion about her

    "Maisa is the most expressive gymnast"

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