Ana Bautista, queen at the European Cup
From Sports Journal Marca-28th August 1989
    The Spanish Ana Bautista to go into History of the Spanish rhytmic gymnastics after getting yesterday, at the I European Cup in Hannover, three medals at the four Finals of the four apparatus, with bulgarians and soviets as the favourites.
    Ana got the gold in the rope final, with the music "El sombrero de tres picos" by Manuel de Falla, with a score of 9,90, superating Adriana Dounavska (Bulagaria) silver at the Seoul Olympics and the soviet Alexandra Timoshenko a real millestone in the history of this sport. At the ball Final, she got the silver medal with 9,95 behind Timoshenko, in hoop she got the bronze behind the soviets Skaldina and Timoshenko. Finally in ribbon she was 4th with a score of 9,90. That is the same number of medals than Dounavska, silver medallist in Seoul.
    After the incredible success, An said that "the truth is that I didn't beleive it. But this medals, and first of all the gold one are a reward for me, for the coaches and for the Federation. I have felt very touched while I was hearing the national anthem and I have cried at the podium. I have felt an inmense happiness, for Spain, for my coach Emilia Boneva and for myself"

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