1997 Worlds in Berlin  
The Spanish, with hopes at the Rhythmic Worlds
From El Mundo-23rd October 1997

*Gymnasts, Cid, Caride and Domínguez want to prove that the Team does not only rely on groups.

BERLIN - Almudena Cid, Alba Caride and Esther Domínguez hope to prove from this day onward in Berlin -- where they are beginning the Rhythmic Gymnastics World Championships -- that Spain has excellent individual gymnasts as well as group. And that -- after the latest success of the group,  especially that of the Olympic group gold in Atlanta -- they are able to achieve their own small glory, states Efe.
    Directed by Ana Bautista, from Tenerife -- one of the most successful Spanish gymnasts ever -- Cid, Caride and Domínguez, with Carolina Malchair as a reserve, are going to a World Championship, a cause for which they have worked very hard during the year to attain.
    The team's objective is to get into the final round of four, access to which seems almost sure for the teams from Russia, Belarus and Ukraine -- the best countries competing in the absence of the Bulgarians, who continue to suffer with an internal crisis. So it appears more than predictable that a fierce fight with the Germans is inevitable for the fourth spot, as they will certainly be predisposed to do their best before the home crowd.
    "My girls are well prepared. They've had time enough, and they've trained to a comfortable level. Maybe they'll create a surprise outcome to the event, although, I recognize that won't be easy, Bautista said yesterday -- " I'm very happy to be going to Berlin, with a team of three gymnasts of great talent".
    The main problems facing coach Bautista are the foot injury suffered by Caride, and the low ceiling height of the Max Schmieling Halle in Berlin, which is only eight meters high. Regarding the low ceiling, "It's of a very low height if you consider the body of difficulty in our gymnast's routines, and we've had to modify all the throws for this reason; I hope that this won't become an obstacle," said Bautista.

The Small Decrease of Cid
From Marca Journal-25th October 1997
Almudena Cid was 11th in the Individual All Around, thus providing her best score for the three days of competition of 39,243. But this result was a small decrease from her 9th place position in the Olympic Games of Atlanta in '96. And repeats the position she achieved at the 1995 Worlds, when she was only 15 years old. The Spanish gymnast also obtained her two best individual scores, up to now, for her clubs (9,850) and ribbon (9,841) routines -- for which apparatus finals she will be competing today. However, she once again failed with the ending of her best routine, the hoop. That caused her to finish behind the Germans, Schaufler and Breszka, two gymnasts of lesser quality than herself. Alba Caride didn't take part in this final because she suffered from an injury to her ankle, and was substituted for by Esther Domínguez. Esther's position, 24th, was lower than the 20th place finish that she managed in the Teams' competition.

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