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 Paula's Guestbook
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      Your Name: Henri Thibault
      You From: San Diego, CA, USA
      Here By: I told you
      Favourite Gymnast: Elena Vitrichenco (Just the BEST!:)) And I'm growing VERY fond of        Alba,TOO, thanks to YOU!!
      Favourite Group: Spain, Russia, Bulgaria, Belarus, Ukraine
      Comment: ¡Hola Paula! I had to come back and sign your guestbook again, and to tell you how
      absolutly terrific I think your new Alba fanpage is! It's *so* nicely written! I really feel that I know
      her more as a person now, and not as just some distant, impersonal figure in rhythmic
      gymnastics. It truly has given me a much better sense of who she is, and about the dedication
      she has brought with her to the sport any gymnast who trains that many hours and makes
      such great scarifices in their personal life, must be admired and respected! So thank you very
      much, Paula, for giving me, and everyone else who reads her page, a chance to know and grow
      more fond of this *sweet and lovely* gymnast named Alba!!! :) Your friend, Henri (Enrique;))    P.S. I
      do hope Alba will learn of your tribute to her. As *nice* as she seems, I'm sure she'll be
      absolutely thrilled and honored! No doubt!! :)
      Signed at Sun Jan 4 18:50:01 1998

      Your Name: Barny
      Homepage: RSG-Photopage
      You From: Germany
      Here By: Just Surfed On In!
      Comment: Hi, I have arranged my side renovate I have creates a new side with imageries from
      Tatjana Ogritzko .
      Signed at Fri Dec 12 16:52:28 1997

      Your Name: Anna Zarzo
      You From: Spain
      Here By: Just Surfed On In!
      Favourite gymnast: Ogrizko, Kostina, Alexandrova
      Favourite group: Spain, Ukraine
      Comment: Great page! Por fin una pagina sobre la gimnasia española. Thnx :)
      Signed at Thu Dec 4 06:45:51 1997

      Your Name: Roberta Diglio
      Homepage: Elena Vitrichenko's Fanpage
      You From: Roma, Italia
      Here By: Just Surfed On In!
      Favourite gymnast: Elena Vitrichenko, obviously! ;-)
      Favourite group: Spain and France
      Comment: Hi Paula!!! I love your pages, and I hope you'll continue in this way... GOOD WORK!
      Your friend, Roberta
      Signed at Mon Dec 1 03:05:14 1997

      Your Name: Marie Moltubakk
      Homepage: Marie's RSG Magazine
      Your Picture:
      You From: Molde, Norway
      Here By: Just Surfed On In!
      Favourite gymnast: Elena Vitrichenko, Maria Petrova, Stella Salapatiyska and Teodora
      Favourite group: Spain, Russia
      Comment: Finally you have a guestbook! I like your pages very much, they really show a lot
      about RSG in Spaini. Congratulations!
      Signed at Sun Nov 30 08:46:10 1997

      Your Name: Marta Touza Sacristán
      You From: Madrid, Spain
      Here By: Word of Mouth
      Favourite gymnast: Cristina Benavente and Ana Paz de Paz
      Favourite group: Spain
      Comment: I'm a beautiful girl. If you want to date me, just call me ;)
      Signed at Tue Nov 25 13:21:19 1997

      Your Name: Henri Thibault
      Here By: I told you
      Favourite gymnast: Elena Vitrichenko (The Best There Is!:))
      Favourite group: Spain, Russia, Bulgaria, Belarus, and Ukraine.
      Comment: Paula, you've really helped contribute to my better understanding and appreciationof
      a sport I dearly love. Something I'm very grateful to you for. I love all RSG, but I have a special
      fondness for the group and individual gymnasts from the Ukraine, Russia, Bulgaria, Belarus, and,
      of course, Spain! Thanks for all your hard work in creating and maintaining your pages. Really
      wonderful!!! :-) Your friend, Henri
      Signed at Sun Nov 23 19:56:25 1997

      Your Name: kaisa Bear
      You From: gibraltar
      Here By: People's Guestbook
      Favourite gymnast: nadia
      Favourite group: san roque
      Signed at Thu Nov 20 12:06:42 1997

      Your Name: Ángel Pazos Betanco
      You From: Spain
      Here By: I told you
      Favourite gymnast: Paula Fdez.-Bujarrabal
      Favourite group: Spain
      Signed at Wed Nov 12 09:55:02 1997

      Your Name: Mishi
      You From: Canada
      Here By: Just Surfed On In!
      Favourite gymnast: ELENA VITRICHENKO!!!!!!
      Favourite group: MY group! :-)
      Comment: Hey Paula! GREAT page!! Keep up the good work!! E-mail me!!!!!!! Luv ya   ~Michelle~
      Signed at Fri Nov 7 19:38:25 1997

      Your Name: Felipe Matias
      You From: Valladolid
      Here By: Just Surfed On In!
      Favourite group: Spain
      Comment: Enhorabuena por tu pagina!!
      Signed at Fri Nov 7 17:56:01 1997

      Your Name: Paula Fernández-Bujarrabal
      Homepage: Spanish Rhythmic Gymnastics
      You From: Madrid, Spain
      Here By: I told you
      Favourite gymnast: Alba Caride, Lipkovskaia, Vitrichenko, Lukyanenko, Kostina.
      Favourite group: Spain
      Signed at Sun Nov 2 08:33:56 1997